Cervical spondylosis Moxibustion Pad

Cervical spondylosis Moxibustion Pad


Detailed Product Description

Function and Indications: Dispelling cold and regulating the meridiant, activating blood and alleviating pain.

Applicable Scope: It is used for neck, shoulder, back pain, upper limbs numb resulting from cervical spondylosis.

Usage Dosage: External use. Apply the plaster to the pain acupoint (namely Ashi acupoint). Paroxysm period of the pain: directly apply the plaster to the affected point. One plaster per 10 hours till feeling no pain. Alleviation period of the pain: Apply the paster to the format affected point. One plaster per day, which keeps 10 hours. 5 days is one period of treatment. Stop for 2 days in the interval of every two period of treatment.

Ingredients: Boswellic Preparata, Radix Puerariae, Oleum Menthae Dementholatum.

***[Contraindication] Not used by those patients with diabetes,skin vulnerability and sensitivity.



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