Lumbago Moxibustion

Lumbago Moxibustion


Detailed Product Description

Function and Indications: Expelling wind and clearing away clod, promoting blood circulation to dispel blood stasis, regulatin the meridians and alleviating pain.

Applicable Scope: It is used for psoatic strain, waist sprain, lumbarspine protrusion, hyperostosis and other symptoms like waist pain and crura numb resulting from occlude of endocrine and qi and blood.

Usage Dosage: External use. Paroxysm Period of the pain: directly apply the plaster to the acupoint (namely Ashi acupoint), one plaster per 10 hours till feeling no pain . Alleviation period of the pain: apply the plaster to the affected parts or Mingmen acupoint (the gate of vitality) etc., one time per day, which keeps 10 hours, one week is one period of the treatment.

Ingredients:Boswellic Preparata, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis, Oleum Menthae Dementholatum.

***[Contraindication] Not used by those patients with diabetes,skin vulnerability and sensitivity.



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