MOCM Moxibustion Product

MOCM Moxibustion Product


Product Details:

Place of Origin Hong Kong
Brand Name MOCM
Model Number CMT01


Detailed Product Description


Moxa, Radix Aconiti, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis, Boswellic Preparata, Oleum Menthae Demntholatum.


This product adopts modern technique for manufacture by following the therapeutic principle of the traditional moxibustion searching for the primary cause of a disease in treatment and strengthening the body resistance and eliminating pathogenic factors. It acts on the bodys acupoints simultaneously so as to get the medicine into the meridians, to warm and activate collaterals, to smoothen qi and blood, and penetrate into the internal organs of the body. Thus it can achieve the purpose of expelling dampness and cold, adjusting yin and yang, the qi and blood, invigorating qi to eliminate stagnation, reinforcing vital qi to expel pathogen, and finally curig the disease. Applying the plaster to the acupoint and treating the pain from external, this product has obvious therapeutic effect with security and without toxic side effects.

Applicable Scope

It is used for rheumatic arthritis, cervical vertebra disease, shoulder periathtrities, Iumbar intervertebra protrusion, psoatic strain, sclerotin hyperostosis, dysmenorrheal, epigastralgia, soft tissue injury etc.

***[Contraindication] Not used by those patients with diabetes,skin vulnerability and sensitivity



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