Rejuvenation Food

World One Omar Ocean Collection Rejuvenation Food


Product Details:

Place of Origin Hong Kong
Brand Name MOCM World One
Model Number Rejuvenation


Detailed Product Description

Functions: Regulating cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Supplies essential nutrients to the body

Improves endurance and men's functions


Regulates blood sugar level

Protects kidney

Improves brain performance

Enhances blood cell production

Strengthens the immune system

Improving body systems functioning

Defeats various skin problems

Increases the vital energy of body

Main active ingredient: 100% spiny sea cucumber powder

Specification: 250mg x 12 Capsules

For health maintaining purpose: Take 3-4 capsules once a day before breakfast for at least 3 consecutive weeks.

Diabetes: Take 4 capsules once a day before breakfast, or increase up to 6 capsules when necessary for 12 consecutive weeks.

Other special health concerns: Take 3-4 capsules once a day before breakfast for 10 consecutive weeks.

Storage: Store under 15 C . Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

Provided by MOCM International Limited(HK) - Health consultation by registered university Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Hong Kong Government Registration No.: CR-2005-00064, CW-2005 - 00023, PW-2006-00079



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