Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen Capsules

Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen Capsules


Product Details:

Place of Origin Hong Kong
Brand Name Green Health
Model Number GH002


Detailed Product Description

Ganodermaspores with fully broken walls, 100% natural wild ganoderma spores. Non-addictive in nature.

Ganoderma has the reputation as a treasure of medicinal herbs. For one thousandyears, Chinese traditional medical books describe ganoderma as a miraculouscure to detoxify and restore life. Green Health GANODERMA SPORO-POLLEN, madefrom choice natural ganoderma of Polyporaceae, is extracted from ganodermaspores with modern supercritical carbon dioxide technique.

In the production of Green Health Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen, one-thousand-kilogramfirst-rate ganoderma produces only one-kilogram ganoderma spore essence. Theprecious medical product has an efficacy 75 times as high as that of ganodermafruiting bodies. It is activated ganoderma spore powder with fully brokenwalls.

The more civilized the society and the more advanced the science, the more vulnerable the human health faced with more internal and external risks. In an age of longevity, how to delay degeneration of the human body and prevent earlier aging?

To improve internal metabolism, promote immunity, activate cells, enhance resistance to harmful environmental factors, increase oxygen content in blood, eliminate heavy metals off body and inhibit tumor cells, which is achieved by Green Health GANODERMA SPORO-POLLEN.

Ingredients: amino acid, water-soluble proteins, sterol, Carbendazim, alkaloid, glycosides, anti-oxidation-reduction substances

Benefits: 1) improves physical fitness, delays aging, improves memory

2) regulates cardiovascular circulation, keeps normal blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol;

3) inhibits growth of harmful cells;

4) promotes blood oxygenation, inhibits cell mutations; 5) prevents postoperative recurrence of malignant tumors;

6) reduces lipoprotein, reduce sugar, eliminate toxins;

7) helps liver detoxify, nourish liver and kidney;

8) enhances vigor, balance emotions;

9) improves side effects associations with medication or radiotherapy.

Indications: 1) delays ageing and prevents cancers; contains anti-oxidation-reduction substances, improves resistance, prevents and inhibit cancer, inhibits growth of tumor cells, prevents postoperative recurrence of malignant tumors;

2) stops coughing, eliminates sputum, relieves asthma: treats chronic tracheitis, especially asthma and emphysema;

3) reduces blood fat and blood sugar; contains organic elements, removes blood fat and harmful substances, treats coronary heart disease and diabetes;

4) improves immunity: improves quality of life of the aged, improves memory, adjunctively treats climacteric syndrome and senile dementia;

5) treats chronic hepatitis and hepatitis B: helps liver detoxify, promote recovery of liver cells, reduces blood transaminase;

6) regulates nervous system, relieves pain, tranquilizes, eliminates sleep deprivation, improves quality of sleep. GANODERMA SPORO-POLLEN is a supplementary nutritional food for coronary heart disease, diabetes, climacteric syndrome, memory, chronic hepatitis, hepatitis B and tumors.

Administration: Maintenance dosage: one capsule each time, twice a day.
Treatment dosage: two to four capsules each times, three times a day.

Specification: 60 capsules each bottle. Net weight: 350mg/capsules

Storage: Keep in cool and dry places, out of reach of children.



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