Ultrasound Therapy Equipment

Ultrasound Therapy Equipment


Product Details:

Place of Origin Zhejiang China
Brand Name DIMIP
Model Number DM 200E


Detailed Product Description

Ultrasound Therapy

Use of ultrasound for the treatment of the disease and preventive health care

High-tech equipment using digital high-frequency low-intensity ultrasound for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia. Have special effects in the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic angina, easing from cardiovascular disease, such as chest discomfort. On the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseaseHave the same lipid control effect with the conventional dose of a lipid-lowering drugs,Physical therapy without any side effects suitable for long-term use.

Line voltagea.c.110V240V / 50Hz60Hz

Ultrasound frequency1.05MHz±5%

Ultrasound  ISATA ≤3W/c

Ultrasound effective radiation area6c±10%


Package: 10 set

Dimension:415 *375 * 590 mm

Weight: 11kg, net weight 4.0 kg



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