Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus

Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus


Product Details:

Place of Origin Chongqing China
Brand Name TDP
Model Number CQ27


Detailed Product Description

The key part of TDP apparatus is the treatment plate consisting of more than thirties chemical element essential to the living things. It is sintered compositely by way of special technical skill. At the same time the eleents of the plate can release a kind of electromagnetic wave, that has different wavelength & different energy by electronically energy converting to heating energy. The range of wavelength (2-25U) & the range of strength (28-35mw/cm2) is identical with the composite electromagnetic wave released from human body.

So the electromagnetic wave is easy to be absorted & stored by high information numerator of nucleotide and under a certain condition can be absorted by human body through inner organs, This kind of being absorted electromagnetic wave can promote human body's UN-stable structure (such as died cells & pathological change's dimeric etc.). Disintegrate and strengthen human body's self adjusting mach-made & immunity make the patient recovered rapidly. The healthy persons build up their resistance to many kinds of disease.

It has been scientifically demonstrated to have physical therapy function such as closely parenchyma damnification, onitis, pelvic Infection, strain of Lumbar muscles, rheumatic arthritis, would iffection, diarrhea.

Reference for clinical application:


1. Parenchyma injuried (1-15 times of treatment)

2. Strain of lumbar muscle (8 times of treatment)

3. Sciatica (20-100 times of treatment)

4. Frozen shoulder (3-10 times of treatment)

5. Prostatitis (5-10 times of treatment)

6. Impotence (8-10 times of treatment)

7. Diarrhea (2-10 times treatment)

8. Dysentery (5-10 times treatment)

9. Chronic bronchitis (14-18 times treatment)

10. Bronchial asthma (14-18 times treatment)

11. Coronary Cardiac Disease (1-7 times treatment)

12. Rheumatic arthritis (12-18 times treatment)

13. Hepatitis (7-14 times treatment)

14. Gastritis (6-10 times treatment)

15. Dysmenorrhea (3-10 times treatment)

16. Infantile diarrahea (3-5 times treatment)

17. Children Pneumonia (3-9 times treatment)

18. Parotitis (6 times treatment)

19. Bell's palsy (2-40 times treatment (cover eyes))

20. Neurasthenic (2-10 times treatment)

21. Eczema (10 times treatment: clean the focus portion)

22. Dermatophytosis (6-30 times treatment: clean the focus portion)

23. Nerve dermatitis (13 times treatment: clean the focus portion)



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