Ultrasound Therapy Equipment

Ultrasound Therapy Equipment


Product Details:

Place of Origin Zhejiang China
Brand Name DIMIP
Model Number DM 200F


Detailed Product Description

Ultrasound Therapy : Doctor for PainRelief DM200F

Use of ultrasound for the treatment of the disease and preventive health care

Ultrasound therapy on the treatment of the limb movement disorder, the treatment of soft tissue contusion. Ultrasonic in the body within an organization can produce heat, so that local vascular expansion, accelerate blood flow, metabolism increased, decreased muscle tone, relieve pain, increase in connective tissue scalability.

Line voltagea.c.110V240V / 50Hz60Hz

Ultrasound frequency1.05MHz±5%

Ultrasonic pulse repetition frequency100Hz

Ultrasound maximum rated output power5.0W

Ultrasound ISATA≤3W/c

Ultrasound effective radiation area2.0c±10%


Package: 10

Dimension: 585 * 395 * 590 mm

Weight:20 kg, net weight 15 kg



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