Pain Therapy Massager

Pain Therapy Massager


Product Details:

Place of Origin Germany
Brand Name GMBH
Model Number Program 12


Detailed Product Description

The effect can be explained by natural processes in the body.

Stimulation of our muscles using electrical stimuli which are carried into the muscles through the nerve. Stimulating current therapy mimics the signals from the nerves and either stimulates the muscle cells directly or the nerves which feed the muscles, completely free of pain.

In this way, it is possible to build muscle, massage, relax and achieve better circulation.

The stimulation of pain relief is another possibility. For cosmetic purpose, the treatment takes effect by promoting circulation in the skin and neighbouring tissue.


Congratulations on the purchase of your own personal fitness and well-being trainer.

You future cosmetics assistant, massage and muscle trainer, your relaxation and pain therapist.

With the "Tens" transcutaneous-electric muscle stimulation device, you can actively do your own well -being a lot of good!

The scientific background of transcutaneous electric nerve and muscle stimulation has been well known and well researched for more than 20 years.

The "Tens" applications, pain therapy and muscle training, are based on scientific and conventional medical methods.

"Tens" is a medical product of class IIa as per directive 93/42/EEG, appendix IX for medical products.

"Tens" is certified in line with the Medizin-Product-Gesetz(MPG) medical product law.

"Tens" - your companion in all life's situations.



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