Multifunctional Traction System

DFK-IIA1 Model Multifunctional Traction System


This equipment is driven by motor. Both traction force and time are controlled by micro-computer and displayed on digital tube.
     Applicable Domain: traction treatment for lumbar vertebra diseases and cervical vertebra diseases.
     Taboo: pregnant women,serious heart disease, fracture on the parts for traction, skin disrepair, lumbar vertebra tuberculosis,high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc.


Technical features:

Micro-computer controlling the traction for cervical vertebra ( DFK-IIA doesn't have this function)
Micro-computer controlling the traction for lumbar vertebra
Digital tube display of traction force & time
Autocompensation of traction force
Display of traction force changes momentarily as long as the force varies
Parameter memory of 20 cases
Several safety designs: max. traction force for lumbar vertebra: 999N & for cervical vertebra: 2O0N, quickly receding button for patients, and quickly quitting button for operators.
Simultaneous traction for lumbar and cervical vertebra ( DFK-IIA doesn't have this function.)


Technical parameters:

Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Power: 120VA/80VA
Traction speed: ≤ 15mm/s Traction force for lumbar: 0-999N(Adjustable)
Traction force for cervical vertebra: 0-200N (IIA doesn't have this function.) (Adjustable)
Total time: 0∼60min (Adjustable)
Continuous time: 0∼9min (Adjustable)
Intermittent time: 0∼5min (Adjustable)
Dimension: 250×60×70 cm
Weight: 90kg (IIA1)
80kg (IIA)



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